125,00 € 125,00 € 125.0 EUR
D.I. Box.
Behringer DI20
32,00 € 32,00 € 32.0 EUR
D.I. Box.
Palmer PAN01
49,00 € 49,00 € 49.0 EUR
D.I. Box.
Palmer PAN 08
367,00 € 367,00 € 367.0 EUR
D.I. Box. The PAN08 is a multifunctional device. Each of the four channels can be used independently as an active DI box, line isolation box or booster.
Radial Engineering PZ-DI
289,00 € 289,00 € 289.0 EUR
D.I. Box. The PZ-DI™ is an active direct box that has been designed for acoustic and orchestral instruments, with a variable load that allows you to set the optimal input impedance for your pickups for more natural-sounding results.
Palmer PDI09
104,00 € 104,00 € 104.0 EUR
D.I. Box. Passive DI box especially designed for guitars.
ART XDirect
58,00 € 58,00 € 58.0 EUR
D.I. Box.
ART Splitcom Pro
44,90 € 44,90 € 44.9 EUR
D.I. Box. Use o SPLITCom Pro para dividir ou combinar sinais de microfone de baixa impedância balanceados.
Radial Engineering JDI
275,00 € 275,00 € 275.0 EUR
D.I. Box. The world’s finest passive direct box, the Radial JDI, brings unprecedented sonic transparency and simplicity - allowing the artist to be free of hassle and focused in on their music
Radial Engineering Pro48
125,00 € 125,00 € 125.0 EUR
D.I. Box. The Pro48™ is a compact high-performance 48V phantom powered active direct box designed specifically for todays high output instruments.
Radial Engineering ProDI
149,00 € 149,00 € 149.0 EUR
D.I. Box. The ProDI is a passive direct box designed for use on stage or in home recording studios, with the ability to handle high output instruments without distortion, and a transformer-isolated output to eliminate noise from ground loops.
77,00 € 77,00 € 77.0 EUR
D.I. Box.
Palmer PAN04
85,00 € 85,00 € 85.0 EUR
D.I. Box. 2-channel passive
69,00 € 69,00 € 69.0 EUR
D.I. Box. A "DUALXDirect" fornece duas interfaces ativas independentes de alta qualidade que permitem conectar sinais de nível de instrumento, linha ou alto-falante a uma mesa de mistura ou outras entradas balanceadas.
Radial Engineering J48
257,00 € 257,00 € 257.0 EUR
D.I. Box. <b>Phantom Powered Active Direct Box</b> The J48™ is an active direct box that has been optimized to handle extreme transients without distortion, with a linear frequency response that extends from 20Hz up to 40kHz.
Radial Engineering Pro D2
179,00 € 179,00 € 179.0 EUR
D.I. Box. <b>Stereo Passive Direct Box</b>. The Radial ProD2 is a compact stereo direct box developed specifically to address the needs and challenges of interfacing a stereo keyboard to a professional audio system. This passive DI features two independent channels with separate inputs and thru-puts for the artist’s stage amp and two fully isolated outputs for the PA system.
Palmer PAN02
66,00 € 66,00 € 66.0 EUR
D.I. Box. Standard active DI box
Palmer PAN16
267,00 € 267,00 € 267.0 EUR
D.I. Box. The Palmer PAN16 is an 8 channel passive DI box in a 19" 1U rack format.
Radial Engineering SB-4
118,00 € 118,00 € 118.0 EUR
D.I. Box. The Radial StageBug SB-4 is a compact active direct box that has been optimized for use with piezo transducers and is small enough to fit inside an instrument case.
Palmer PAN01 Pro
85,00 € 85,00 € 85.0 EUR
D.I. Box. PAN01 PRO is the deluxe version of Palmer's top selling passive DI box PAN01.
74,00 € 74,00 € 74.0 EUR
D.I. Box.